Thursday, July 29, 2010

First Fat Quarters

Had to get my errands and quilting done before I could start on the new fat quarters.  I also am determined to get back to finishing some of my old quilts.  Found the binding for this old one the other day when I was looking for something else.  So it is done.


So here is the first of the Hoffman fat quarter sets--Elderberry.  I have them sorted into 6 lights and 8 darks for this project.  I think I have the figures right, so here I sew...

Today's best....actually working, actually sewing.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Coastal Quilting

I just got back from the Summer Quilt Festival in Long Beach.  Once again, we had fun with bundles, batiks being the highlights this time.  And I got to show off the RoseCards.  I ran into old friends, and made new ones, including my next door neighbors at Oilcloth by the Yard

After the show, on Monday I stopped at 2 fabric warehouses to restock batiks--Hoffman Fabrics and Anthology Fabrics.  Both also gave me some of their new batiks to design RoseCard patterns with!  Am I excited, or what!  Off I ran up to Morro Bay to the beach design studio, also known as Dorothy's house.  Here is everything spread out on the table, ready to stir up these creative juices.

So, with this view of the ocean, on a perfect day, I got in plenty of sketching and figuring and sorting of fat quarter bundles.  As much as I hate to leave this idyllic setting, I can't wait to go home and sew.

Today's best....California's Central Coast at its best.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Camera

DIL Michelle has a new camera.  Here's one of our favorite shots of our favorite subjects that I borrowed from

Today's best....the picture posts from Minnesota.  Almost feel like I'm there.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Irrigation Irritations

There is nothing like an amateur running an irrigation system designed by a professional engineer, particularly one you are married to.  So while the road warrior is miles away, I am struggling to open valves and adjust pressures.  It took all day!  And I finally had to resort to a garden hose for the last of it.
So meanwhile, I finally go to work late in the day.  Nothing much to show from today, but I will share some of the latest RoseCard samples.  This is named Painted Moon--I know, I know, but it's a star.  They're at least both found in the night sky.  That's the best reasoning I have in these last couple days.

Today's best...working outdoors was actually great.  Exercise, sun, and the turkeys are back.  Three hens and bunch of youngsters munched their way across the property.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vanishing June

So where did June go?  I can't figure it out.  If I don't watch it, July will do the same.  Recouping from being gone most of May took its toll.  I did have fun running into old friends at the Reno Quilting and Sewing Expo.  And I especially enjoyed sewing with Dorothy at her place in Tahoe--my lodging while I did Reno.  It's a lovely commute, if you have to commute.

Today I sent Wil off on a plane to Austin.  He is grabbing Leann to head up to visit Evan and family in Minneapolis.  It was hard to let them go without me.  I love the middle of our country, not to mention those that live there.

So the day went downhill from there--it was a Monday and a half.  I won't bore with the details. You just have to look at the zeros on my tracker to realize the day I had.

But the day was saved with a lovely picnic with the Pine Tree Quilt Guild.  Besides the great company, can you beat this setting?  What wonderful church grounds secured by one of our members--our crowd appreciated her efforts. 

Today's best....Pine Tree Picnic.  OMG...Looking here at the piney woods and evening shadows, the Teddy Bear Picnic just went through my head--thank you, Evan---how long will it be till I no longer hear it humming in my head.