Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rockin' RoseCards

Friends and family are really rockin' with the RoseCard patterns.

Thursday was Community Service day at the Pine Tree Guild.  DeeDee showed me this fabulous MOJAVE quilt.   She had been given this Alexander Henry fabric and was just waiting for the right pattern.   MOJAVE was it.  DeeDee adapted it for her particular fabrics.  To best use the repeat, she cut 2 even sized slices of the Theme fabric and added a nice border top and bottom.  And for the pinwheels and pieced border, she used scraps--always a great look!
DeeDee was our hero for the day--she always bakes wonderful cookies and more importantly this day, she figured out how to make the air conditioning work.  And my personal hero was the helper who pressed for me, so I could concentrate on cutting kits.

Meanwhile, that evening in Texas, the remnants:fiber[culture] family was rocking with Anna Maria Horner's new Field Study collection.   MIDNIGHT BLUE express piecing to show this fab fabric, all while Tina Turner (the quilting machine) is rocking and rolling and quilting.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Missing Minnesota

Going through photos for blogging and web listing, I realize how much I miss my Minnesota family.

Our last day at the Mill Museum.  Water is always a magnet for kids.  Grandpa is a water engineer, so this gig was an easy sell.

Lego boy Austin and his biggest fan.  Pretty standard issue in the Fryer house.  Great Grandma Pam's flannel quilt, of course.

Spreading Joy.  My design assistant working with Kate Spain's Charm Squares from Moda.

Card counting.  My shipping department will not be the same without 4 year old Emily Rose counting cards and printing invoices.