Sunday, November 14, 2010

Minnesota's Finest

Minnesota presented a perfect little snowstorm yesterday.  It stacked up nearly a foot, great for snowmen, and not so cold that it froze over or was difficult to drive on--once it was shoveled away.

But the real reason for Minnesota is more than the snow.  The dynamic duo makes the best of it here.

This a house full of readers--and a cat.

And then there is Miss Glam in Jammies.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Market Dash

The only time I could see the exhibits was after hours.  At least the aisles were clear! 

Amy Butler's most colorful booth was stunning.  We can hardly wait for this new line of fabric.

Anna Maria Horner never disappoints with her style.  Her Innocent Crush line is smashing in this display.

Westminster/Free Spirit are my perennial favorites.  Tula Pink has joined them--Parisville here is a winner.

Round About

In my long travels, I wish I could take more time to stop, take pictures, and write...I've been on the road for 3 weeks now.  First stop was Austin on the way to Houston.  Ten days in Houston.  Hop back to Austin, then up to Minnesota.  Just thought I would take the Northern route home.

Houston Market and Festival were wonderful.  My RoseCards caught a lot of attention.  I am pleased with all of the great ways people are using them.

All of my Market and Festival buddies had scheduling conflicts, so I was a solo act.  Not much time to do anything but work, eat Mexican food, and collapse.   At the shows, I did meet many new people and shared many new ideas.  It is so much fun to handle all of the fabulous fabrics. 

On the first leg of the trip, I took the time to play tourist in Frederickburg TX, in the Hill Country on the way to Austin.  Fabulous shopping in this historic town.  I loved the inviting look of the front of Henfeathers.  And isn't the saying on the window perfect?

And how appealing is the fabric folded on this wall in Things in a Room.
Loved this display in a booth at the Brass Armadillo in Des Moines.  Could you saw old end tables in half?  Or better question--would this hold fabric?