Saturday, September 27, 2008

Quilts, Kits, So Long Sweet Summer

This summer kept us extremely busy with new kits, quilt shows, pattern designing and storefront remodeling! We've seen some works of art come into our store lately and we are really looking forward to the lovely colors we expect around autumn, not only outside but in your quilts.

I think it is really important as a quilter to always be cultivating. I find it interesting when I hear quilters remark, "That really isn't my colors," or, "It's pretty but I wouldn't choose it." Why do we limit ourselves to a certain style or color scheme......why not try something completely out of our comfort zone?

A girlfriend recently asked me to help her go shopping. She wears a lot of the same color scheme (let's face it, the girl only wears purple). I wanted to show her that she could find other colors and prints that she's not used to wearing. In less than an hour she was modeling a cream lacy blouse and a forest green sweater. The point is, go beyond your comfort zone once in a while and bring out different parts of your personality thru your quilting. One cannot always wear purple.

Now, I'll also admit that typically every single thing I've ever quilted has had some sort of pink in it. But I, too, have branched out! I made something with a little bit of red instead. : )

The best part about working in a quilt shop is seeing all of the different concepts that people have put together. I love to see what colors people put together. When I quilt I agonize about what colors I will use to match my themes.

I am excited about the coming autumn, and then winter. It seems that when the weather gets colder the quilts get a little brighter.