Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wildflower Run

Another month on the run, with no time left to write.  Much to write about though--I see so many things on my travels to the middle of the country.

The best part of this Spring trip was the wildflowers.  Everywhere from California to Tennessee to Texas.   Tennessee's trees were also in bloom--spectacular.  Wish I had photos, but I was driving too fast and I am sure the photos would not do justice.

I love seeing different parts of our country.  It amazes me how each state has such a different look and personality.  The accents of the people are fascinating, too, since of course, here in California we don't, like, have one.

The trip to speak to the Ladies of the Lake in Lakeport CA was great fun.  And 2 days later I was off to Chicago, another great gig at Quilt Festival.  The drive was a bit rough, starting with dodging snow in the Sierras, just to get out of California.  At the end of the drive, though, was my little rainbow--a parking spot right next to my booth for unloading.  Usually I'm carting from many, many yards away, load after load, sometimes in rain--so this was a welcome treat.  And yes, that is my car, under the Wyoming slush. 

 Today's best....a whole day at home with no driving--great to be here,  even though is it raining.