Friday, December 31, 2010

Quilt 2 UFO 4

Cat City is done--I now have a new model for the pattern.
UFO project 4 is from the PTQG closet stash.  I liked these 3 half yard pieces together, so I cut them into 3 5" strips each.  I think I know what I will do with them... Tomorrow... in the new year.

Quilt 1 UFO 3 Top 3

First quilt complete for the UFO party.  It's ready to return to CS for the Pine Tree guild on Tuesday night.  Busted 4 pieces from the closet stash.
Top 3 started as a back and batt from Valley Quilt guild that didn't fit another quilt top.  I picked the sweet blues and used my PRISTINE pattern.  This UFO started out with only the spacers sewn onto the 5x9 slices.  It worked out the right size to fit the back and batting it was made for.

Top 2 Cats with Cats

As part of the de-cluttering-my-life project, I am watching old video tapes one last time before I give them away.  So, as I put the last border on the cat quilt, it finally dawned on me that I was watching the Cats video.  It was simply the next tape in the bag, honest--cat karma.  Or as my punny son would say, the Cats is out of the bag.

Top 1 UFO 2

The first top is done and loaded on the quilter. 

Now for UFO 2--a Cat City baby/lap.  This one needs to be done for a pattern model.  I have made so many of these for sale over the years that I get distracted doing another.


I just spent 2 hours writing on blogs, figuring out Facebook, joining the forum.  Now it's time to start quilting.  The new blade is installed.  Project 1 was just started yesterday--I do not want to add it to the UFO pile, so "last in, first out".   It is a Community Service quilt for the Pine Tree Quilt Guild using fabric from their closet.  The object here was to use every inch of the fabric that I put together.  That closet can use a little stash busting, too.

UFO Busting Party with Pat Sloan

I am joining the UFO Busting Party on Pat Sloan's  As a professional quilt finisher, I should be able to do this.  I have plenty to work with--as a professional quilt starter, I have more than the average quilter's UFO's.  More than 30 years of making samples--for my shops, college classes, patterns.  I moved all this mess twice--once when I closed the store, and again when we moved.  I have finished a lot since "retiring".  But I have also started a lot with the new pattern business and with the Community Service quiltmaking for my 2 new guilds. 

Up here on the hillside at Villa Rosa, I can keep myself a bit isolated, so it is definitely time to try some online groups.  Now to figure out how to work with posting on forums and Facebook!  Meanwhile, I will post my activities here.  At least that will help with the New Year's resolution of posting more. 

So here we have just some of the UFO piles--the first 3 are the sewing room, the next 3 are in the workroom.  Messy as always, even more so since I have been making kits to clear out the Community Service fabrics I took home.  I am making progress, believe it or not.  It falls into the category--"it always gets worse before it gets better".