Tuesday, January 20, 2009

it's been a while since we last spoke.

hi quilters!

things have been crazy this past month and a half....but now we're winding down again back to normal. pat and i have been diligently practicing with the compuquilter- i've been learning a lot! since it's a different system than i'm used to, i have a little bit of an adjustment period. but it's been really nice.

we've been furiously working on our new kits, sample packs, and of course quilts! you have a lot to look forward to. if you haven't checked the website lately, i suggest you do! we've got some delicious new stuff, including sandi henderson's new farmer's market line! you gotta stop being so lazy- get away from the sewing machine and get to lookin!!

we miss you all like crazy! please drop us a line and let us know you still love us too.

happy quilting!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

so this is the new year- and i don't feel any different.

hello everyone in quiltland! i hope you had a great holiday. we've been sorting thru the remaining remnants of california quiltmakers and are currently working on opening up our new fabric boxes. that's right!!! we have tons of new fabric we received, but still need a space to put it!

things have been a little crazy lately, between moving quilting machines into my garage, and deciding which furniture stays and goes.... pat and i have been patiently and tediously working like little ants. and then, of course, in the midst of the move, there was that little thing called christmas..... but spending time with family seems to be the best remedy for a stressful season.

of course, this is where i would be posting awesome photos of our new workspace....if i had remembered to bring my camera.... doh!

just know that we're thinking of you, and we're patiently working to put our new kits, fabric, and news on our website!

take care! we'll talk again soon.