Saturday, May 28, 2011

Creative Community

In the spirit of the quilters before us, who made use of every scrap, I like to see what I can do to use up a group or piece of fabric.  Community Service quilts made with donated fabric or stash fabric is the perfect place to put this to work.  I love the creative process, which for me is much like engineering to make it fit and work.  And I love results--this one I think is destined to be a Rosecard soon.  What a bonus.

So here is how this one happened.  I had just enough fabric to cut 3  4 1/2" strips of the yellow,  3  5 1/2" strips of the green, and 3  6 1/2" strips of the blue.  I made three identical strip sets--in order, 4 1/2-5 1/2- 6 1/2.  Subcut them each into 6  6 1/2" sections, for a total of 18.  Flip every other section upside down.  Make 3 identical rows of 6 sections each.  Hardly anything to match.  About an hour to sew.

I love the whimsical jogging effect this has--pretty fun for a 3 fabric quilt.  This finished 36"x 45".  Borders certainly could be added.  I am thinking this will work as a 3 1 yard bundle quilt.  A small floating border of the remaining piece of the 6 1/2" cut fabric.  A little bigger border of the 4 1/2" cut fabric.  Binding with the 5 1/2" cut fabric.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Order Department

The California Order Department is now properly outfitted.  Roses are blooming and I am cutting.  So far the gardener, aka husband, is winning the battle with the deer, who think rosebuds are deer candy.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's a Wrap!

Spring RoseCard releases are at press.  The crush of shows and printing deadlines have passed, and I can poke my head up and enjoy the season, if Spring will ever come to our fair country.  I've missed posting some of my travels, since I cover so much ground and have no evenings to sit and relax at the keyboard.  So, I hope to post some retro photos of some of my favorite stops of the past two months, as well as the Market happenings.